Florida State tight end Nick O'Leary (grandson of golf great Jack Nicklaus) is recovering from what looked to be a deadly accident.

Thankfully, he's ok and will be on the field when training camp begins.  O'Leary was voted top tight end in the country when he graduated high school and already has an impressive college record with 33 catches for 416 yards and four touchdowns.  The driver of the car was found to be at fault for pulling out in front of O'Leary.

A Sun Metro bus which had stopped at the intersection captured the wreck on it's security cameras.  (It sort of captured the bike as well.)

This event (pulling in front of and/or turning left in front of a bike) is one of the most common causes of car vs. motorcycle accidents and the most dangerous interaction between the two.

Most riders typically do not just get up and walk away.

Watch the video again and please remember to WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES!!