In the past week, Subway has announced they will be removing a chemical in their bread, azodicarbonamide, that's also used to create yoga mats. This fast food restaurant who promotes a healthy diet, is working on fixing the problem and others are being accused of using the same chemical. Here are five other fast food items that have the same chemical in their deliciousness.


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    Dunkin' Donuts Pastries

    The croissant sandwiches from Dunkin' Donuts are probably one of my favorite fast food breakfast sandwiches. Unfortunately the chemical is in these delicious croissants, pastries and texas toast.

    Getty Images/Chris Hondros
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    Chick-fil-a Sandwiches

    You can find the chemical in the chargrilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and chargrilled chicken club sandwich. At least the milkshakes are safe!

    Getty Images/Alex Wong
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    Jack In The Box Bread

    When Munchie Meals are available, I don't think many customers are worried about what's in the bread. It can be found in the sourdough, croissant, bakery-style, jumbo and regular buns. As long as it's delicious, it's somewhat nutritious!

    Getty Images/Christian Petersen
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    Burger King Buns

    You can find the chemical in Burger King's French toast sticks, homestyle Caesar croutons, specialty buns, sesame seed bun, croissant, English muffin, and artisan-style bun. The King needs to stop creeping people out and start baking some fresh bread!

    Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan
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    McDonald's Buns

    Just about everything that involves bread at McDonald's has this chemical like, the Big Mac bun, regular bun, bakery-style bun, sesame seed bun, bagel, and English muffin. Hate to admit it but I am still lovin' it!

    Getty Images/ Scott Olson