When you kick it with Snoop Dogg, it's bound to happen! Have drugs named after you!

According to Popcrunch, Toronto drug dealers are hawking a strand of mary jane called JB Kush, after music, hair, and perfume icon, Justin Bieber.

While it would be a sweet compliment to some, NME reports that when Bieber heard about the bud he was angry and “asked his team to consider legal action for ‘unlawful use of his name.’”

If it’s true that Bieber is “fuming,” I would first ask “Why”? Legend Willie Nelson famously inspired the strain dubbed “Willy Weed,” and Rock and Roll’s grandfather Elvis Presley has “Elvis Pressedme.” Also, friend of mine once bought medical marijuana in California called “Ganjalina Jolie.” That’s pretty good company, even for Bieber.

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If you could name different kinds of weed, what would you call it?