A sitcom about a widow just trying to get by.  Selling drugs while raising 2 sons (one of who is a psychopathic murderer) with plenty of sex, violence, mexican drug lords and weird relatives to keep it interesting!  Honestly, these guys make the Married With Children family look normal!

The show "Weeds" will air it's final episode Sunday.  Not for the season but forever.  I'm kinda bummed about that, I always liked that show.   :(

Lately, the poor TV series has ... well ... sucked.  Someone has a good idea but they either lose key actors, the writers run out of ideas or the show just becomes to predictable. Thankfully though, Showtime, HBO, FX and AMC have been turning that around with shows like Dexter, True Blood, SOA, and Walking Dead though ... just to name a few!

Those all seem safe for now. The storylines are holding up and there doesn't seem to be any on set turmoil to disrupt things.  (Although the clock may be ticking on Sons Of Anarchy.  Season 5 just started and I believe the creator has said it won't go beyond 7.) 

Anyway, I hate to see Weeds go, but I think think they pulled the plug on it at about the right time.  It sucks to see your favorite shows die slow, horrible deaths.

Had any of your favorites cancelled?   What was it and do you think production stopped at the right time, too soon or too late?