Fernie has vowed to learn about football because he feels that's something that every man should know. Lisa could give a squat. Let's find out who won the Football Trivia Challenge and got a day at the spa from Massage Envy at 7500 N. Mesa.







  • Q. 1

    How many players for one team are on the field at one time?

    • Lisa's answer: "12?"
    • Fernie's answer: "14"

      Result: No point awarded

  • Q. 2

    Who is currently the number 1 ranked team in college football?

    • Fernie:  Didn't know, but then guessed Alabama after Duke and Mando gave multiple clues.

    Result: Duke and Mando admonished not to give any more clues. No points awarded

  • Q. 3

    How many yards must the offense gain in order to get a first down?

    • Lisa: "4"
    • Fernie: "10"

    Result: Fernie awarded 1 point

  • Q. 4

    When would you try for a 2 point conversion?

      • Fernie: "After a touchdown when you try to throw a pass and get it into the part of the field where the 'label' is."

    Result: Fernie awarded 1 point, though if he'd kept talking we probably would have taken it away

  • Q. 5

    If a defensive player intercepts a pass and runs it back for a touchdown how many points is his team awarded?

    • Lisa: "6 points"

    Result: Lisa awarded 1 point

  • Q. 6

    If the offensive team doesn't hike the ball in the allotted amount of time, what penalty is called?

    • Fernie: "I have no idea"
    • Lisa: "No clue"

    Result: No points awarded

  • Q. 7

    What team does Ben Roethlisberger play for?


    Result: Lisa awarded 1 point

  • Q. 8

    What team plays at Lambeau field?

    • Fernie: "The Dallas Cowboys"
    • Lisa: "Is 'Lambeau' short for 'Lamborghini'?  No? Then I have no idea."

    Result: No points

  • 9

    Name 3 conferences in Division 1 college football

    • Lisa: "The WAC...the SAC...and the NAC"
    • Fernie: "The WAC...The SAC...and the North"

    Result: No points

  • 10

    In about how much time can a very fast NFL player run 40 yards?

    • Fernie: "One or two minutes"
    • Lisa: "Four seconds"

    Result: Lisa awarded a point