This past weekend I had a quick run in with a local celebrity and you won't believe what they did to me!! Check out the details!

I personally think if you are on TV then you qualify as a "celebrity". If your a local news anchor your pretty famous in my head. Especially since most local people watch you deliver the news and see you around town.

So I'm out eating lunch with a good friend of mine when out of the corner of my eye I spot a local celebrity. I gasp in shock and tell my friend to turn around and look at her. My friend instantly knows her name. So this anchor from KFOX is getting up to leave. I was happy and smiling getting ready to introduce myself and say hi. I was about to wave and then this anchor gave me the stank eye.

This is the definition to stink eye according to urban dictionary,"To give someone a really nasty look to show your distaste for them". I quickly message her to check if it was actually her and I was shocked that she admitted to giving me the stank eye. I was going to tell her that she is really beautiful and could be a model. Oh well.


I expect all TV anchors to be elegant and refined like Barbara Walters. My personal favorite is Diane Sawyer just check out the clip below. I love how she takes pills and chases it down with some red wine. Klassy!