The toilet is somewhere you are supposed to get in and get out. To be the honest though, if that is all you are doing, you are missing out on some great opportunities. An average person spends about 3 years on the toilet in their lifetime so make it count!


When I go to the bathroom, yes, the main job is to do your deed but you can do so much more. This is time when you have no one there to interrupt you, this is your me time. Plus, I am just a really big fan of multi-tasking. So what can you get done on a toilet? Let me tell you what I like to do on the john.


Make a call

Depending on the person, this isn't that big of a deal. Parents? They cleaned your poop when you were a baby you're good. Hopefully they stopped when you went to elementary school. Friends? Girls already always pee in front of each other so a phone call isn't a big deal. Significant other? It's a good test to see how comfortable you are with each other. Random phone call? Who cares you're never going to see them in real life. Just make sure if it gets loud in there, you have the courtesy to mute the phone.

Do your makeup

Now ladies, I don't mean sit there the entire time but if you're running late finish it there. Sometimes I'll curl my eyelashes because you don't actually need a mirror for that.

Read a book/magazine

If you are working on schoolwork, reading a book or have something super boring you have to read the toilet is the perfect place. There is no one to distract you and you have nowhere to hide. You have to do it because what else are you going to do?


Sometimes I'll grab my phone, and somehow,  have about 10 messages that come in all at once. I''m too busy to deal with that so I'll ignore them until I have the time to go through them all. That no interruption time is the bathroom break.


I tell everyone at my office this all the time, I have the best ideas come to me when I'm sitting on the pot. I don't know why but I now call it my think tank. Brainstorming works best for me there. Maybe it's because that's where I get rid of all the crappy ones and makes room for genius. Pun intended.


Bathrooms have great acoustics so don't judge me and my mock audition for "The Voice" that I occasionally do when no one is at the station but me.

Take a nap

Sad that I have to admit this but more than once, I have fallen asleep on the toilet. Either I am ridiculously exhausted, it is really comfortable or I am just severely inebriated and the next thing you know I am dozing off.

What do you like to do when your on the toilet? Do you have as entertaining of a time as I have? Comment below and let me know your favorite bathroom activities.