No, that mugshot has not been photoshopped. This is 420-pound Victor Joseph Espinoza, who was arrested in Santa Ana, Cali, recently after grabbing a 10-year-old boy and sniffing him. Well, this did happen around dinner time. The sicko was caught by infrared camera hiding under a tree. Let's just say the tree was no match for this fruit. Here's a news report.

Espinoza had asked the boy if he wanted to see his gang tattoos and when the kid got close enough, he grabbed him and began to sniff him. The kid got loose and ran to tell his soccer coach who was at the park where he'd been dropped off. The coach tried detaining Espinoza, but couldn't. Hey, you try to stop a 420-pound gang member and see how far it gets you. Especially if he's hungry.

The guy is 55-years-old, has a police record as large as his chin. Looks like he'll be having what's on the menu in prison for awhile.