Oh, the beauty of parenthood!!

Kathy and Keiron Sterner's 6 year young daughter had been throwing quite the tantrum for over an hour. She was told that she could not have McDonald's for dinner and she went off. There was no talking her down, she was just screaming the same thing over and over, so her father Keiron thought it would be a good idea to liven up the moment by mimicking her.

The Sterner's have 5 children and the one throwing the tantrum was the 2nd to youngest, so this was nothing new to them. They say she is actually a very awesome kid, she was just having a rough day.

Mom, Kathy captured the child's high pitch screams and husband's reaction to the video. Which honestly, is hilarious!!



Props to them, sometimes you have to have a little fun in a not so great situation.