If you are using that fancy new Iphone IOS 7 upgrade, there's one app you may want to avoid!

A fake ad for the new Iphone has been making the rounds and it's caused some people to "F" up their shiny new Iphones!!

The ad looks very much like an authentic apple ad and claims that the new IOS 7 software can actually waterproof the new Iphone!  Awesome idea huh? (especially for my daughters phone) Except for the fact that, it's NOT TRUE!!

The IOS 7 software was released last week, and is available to Iphone users for as an upgrade on new Iphone (and Ipad) models.  A lot of new features are available including an interface overhaul.  That's where the ads say you can type in a few commands and ... supposedly ... waterproof the phone.  Many people saw the ad, did as directed and then (also as directed) dunked their phone in water.

Yep ... ruined 'em all.

The new software also uses fingerprint technology to keep your Iphone secure but that app was almost immediately defeated by a hacker group in Germany.  Your best bet for security? Never let your phone out of your sight and/or possession!!

(Don't let it fall in the water either!!)