Not everyone is happy about it though.  If you're one of them, here's what you can do to opt out!

Not much.

Seriously, opting out of the new facebook search feature isn't easy but it can be done.  For now anyway, but you'd better hurry!

First, what is it?  Graph Search is a new feature that helps you find things or places you like and meet new people, based entirely on things you've already searched, liked, joined etc.  Ever search for a good steak house?  Then had Cattlemans at Indian Cliffs Ranch ads popping up all over the place for the next few days?

That's the type of info that's gathered about you. This new toy sort of helps isolate and focus your interests so you can find similar places, things, people, etc easier and quicker.  It also compiles it in a fashion that facebook can sell to advertisers, PR firms, politicians or anyone else who cares what you think and do.

(You can just imagine all the Harley Davidson/Coors Light/Heavy Metal related ads I have popping up all over my page!!)


Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

How can you opt out?  You can't.  You can sort of "avoid it" though.  According to Tom Stocky, one of the lead Graph Search senior engineers;

The only way to avoid your information from showing up in Graph Search will involve changing the privacy settings on everything you share, comment on, and like — like, ever. "For every post you shared, there's an option so you can share this publicly, or with friends, or only me. For each item you basically have the control over what audience that's shared with."

Facebook has made managing that kind of stuff easier, with things like the "Activity Log".  You can also learn more on the new "Graph Search privacy page".  Ultimately though, you will have to go back and change all those settings ... which will be quite a pain in the culo.

(There's good news though!  Anything you shared with "friends only" or "just me", stays that way.  Just for them/you!)

Pictures are a little harder to control/make private though. (stalkers rejoice!!)  You can take something off your timeline but not neccesarily off anyone elses.  :(

All your facebook info basically just got easier for others to see or learn from so you might want to go back and go "private crazy" all over your stuff now.  (Think you're already ok?  Check out this article about a site that capitalizes on people who didn't properly set their privacy settings!)

Facebook is just testing this for now to see how everyone likes it.  Once they launch the real "non-beta" version though, locking your stuff down will be much harder.

Better get busy!!