During the morning show Friday the worst thing in the world happen to some people. Facebook went down! Check out these sad tweets that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office tweeted out!

I will admit that I love Facebook. I understand that when it goes down I can just log on to twitter and confirm it's down.

Well in Los Angeles a lot of people decided to call 911 which is used for emergencies to report that Facebook was down. So many people called that the Sheriff's public information officer had to tweet out an important message.

KTLA is reporting no one actually called 911.

In fairness. I might call 911 because where else am I supposed to see this hottie who has been gifting the eyes of Facebook with her piping hot, extra sweet, dance moves!

Seriously this is how you dance! She throws down moves you have never seen and hopefully will never get to see. She does moves like the “mental patient on meth trying to shake out of a straitjacket” move (at the 0:02 mark), the “malfunctioning zombie robot” move (at the 0:10 mark), the “fanning my butt fumes away” move (at the 0:33 mark) and the “fanning my butt fumes away some more” move (at the 0:56)