A study carried out by psychology researchers in Sweden has shown that people who go into engineering are less caring and empathetic than those who enter different professions. In the study published in the European Journal of Engineering Education, engineering students cared nothing for other human beings’ feelings and had few of their own. They were cold hearted uncaring, remorseless human machines.

There was an additional segregation added to the study however, the engineers were divided into “applied physics” (mechanical, electronic, aero, and other types of engineers) and computer engineers. The computer engineering students turned out to be normal, warm, caring human beings. It was in fact the physics-based classical engineers who were dead inside.

They also compared engineers to medical majors as well and obviously, the medical students showed themselves to be more caring as well. I also found it interesting that they segregated the women and men, stating that women are statistically more empathetic than men.

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