Help out a 20 year old El Pasoan who is hoping to win a handicap accessible van so that she can drive! The best feeling is always giving back!


One of my favorite things about being in this job is being able to connect and talk to so many locals about things that affect them in their everyday life. Like Kayla Villegas.

Kayla is a 20 year old El Pasoan who is wheelchair bound and looking for a way to become more independent in her life. She wrote into me asking for help to get a handicap accessible van that she can drive to and from work and school. Here is the email I got form Kayla:

Hello, my name is Kayla Villegas and I am 20 years old and in a wheelchair. I come to you to ask you for your help in assisting me in winning a contest so I can win a Handicap accessible van that I can drive. I am El Paso born and raised and I love my city dearly i have grown up on listening to the morning show with buzz and all his crew .....hence the reason why im writting you because i have heard you get on buzz  for not answering his e mails or putting up his regular posts my dad says its just how we old school guys do things.....i am including the direct web link so that people can vote and help me accomplish this goal. Lisa I need your help please share my link share my story and help me try to win this vehicle so i can have a better future!!!

I went to the site she gave me as the one to vote for her on and I saw what she wrote about her father. Her relationship with her reminded me of my own and I was very touched by them both. Also, you take for granted the easy, everyday tasks that you do that can be very difficult for others. The ability to drive yourself to and from work, or drive down the street to the corner store for something. Those are the luxuries Kayla has to live her life without.

If you would like to vote for Kayla so she can win, visit the Mobility Awareness Month website and vote! It's free and every vote helps to get her closer to her goal of winning a handicap accessible van!