I think I just discovered a gold mine! The first time I met Lisa Sanchez hot friend Lulu I was in awe. It was like a scene out of a movie. In walks a drop dead gorgeous woman 5’6 (with heels) Long beautiful curled hair and I kid you not, she smelled liked a dream come true.

I was in shock not only at her beauty but by her manners. She was so well mannered that I was totally amazed. When we went out for dinner guess what she did? Lulu took it upon herself to serve me appetizers. OMG. Lulu is so sweet she offered me a piece of her pie and I gladly accepted.

I asked her some questions so we all can get to know her and I also picked out my Top 5 favorite pictures.

Q: What is your major in college?

A. Marketing

1. Don’t you like how she matches her outfit to her phone case.

Q.What kind of dance did you do or still do?

A. Ballet/Contemporary/Cheer leading and dance team

2. Gosh she is even makes scary look sexy on Halloween.

Q. What kind of movies are you into?

A. All movies except scary. I watch them with my eyes closed the entire movie.

3. I really enjoy when she matches her outfit to her phone case. That is so Fetch.

Q. If you had to give up something for the rest of your life which one would you choose...Cheese or Oral Sex?

A. Cheese duh! There are substitutes for cheese not for oral.

4. She left us a personal message at SXSW

5.Lulu wants us to look at her messy room.