Lots of businesses tried to pay tribute to the anniversary of the September 11th attacks this week. Most of them failed. Embarrassingly.

These probably-well-meaning but definitely-bone-headed sponsors included AT&T, Pretzel Crisps, the LA Lakers, Marriott Hotels and one golf course that offered customers 9 holes of golf for only $9.11 on 9/11 only. I think too many businesses are thinking of 9/11 as akin to Easter or St. Patrick's Day when it's actually more like the anniversary of Pearl Harbor or "The Day Kennedy Was Shot Day".  After 12 years maybe people will start to realize that a horrific terrorist attack on American soil and trying to sell pretzel crisps is not a good fit.

Well, one El Paso business is also receiving some flack because of an ad on their Facebook page. Check it out below and then you can vote if you think it was inappropriate or not.

Hmmm. Free cover at Jag's for firemen, police and military, but only until 11 pm, so hurry, hurry, hurry America's heroes.  It's 18 and up so that means that any 18 year old serviceman would have been only 6 when the attacks occurred. That's great, but it would be kind of like me getting a discount for "Vietnam Era" customers. Also, why no free cover for EMTs? How about Port Authority workers? One of them might be in El Paso and decide to drop in for some well-deserved tittage. How about family members of victims? Surely, they have more of a connection to 9/11 than some EP cop who's never been further north than Dallas, right?

Read some of the comments that people left on Jag's Facebook and then you can vote if you think this was inappropriate or not...

So? What do you think?