Wouldn’t the holidays be so much easier with a few extra bucks? Fortunately for a few people, you can pick up a few thousand dollars for ratting out your fugitive neighbor. BALLERS! Below is El Paso’s top 5 most wanted fugitives. Let’s cut a deal. You tell the cops where they are, collect the reward for your outstanding contribution to society, then cut us a check for 10% for letting you know about this golden opportunity. Shake on it.

  • 1

    Pete Calzada

    DOB: 09-02-59 HEIGHT: 5'06” WEIGHT: 180 lbs. SCAR / TATTOOS: Scar on his right wrist Here’s the deal with Calzada. He’s a former deputy wanted for not appearing in court for kidnapping and sexual charges. His original charge: Misconduct, sexual assault and kidnapping. Calzada has gained weight & now wears his hair long.

  • 2

    Raymundo Antonio Martinez

    AKA: ANTONIO TAVAREZ DOB: 04-26-88 HEIGHT: 5’09” WEIGHT: 190 lbs. TATTOO: BACK- TRIBAL STAR WANTED FOR: MURDER 1,000,000 BOND Martinez is wanted in connection with the murder of Hector Longoria. In April 2008, Raymundo Martinez, Oscar Barrera, and Adrian Madrid confront victim Hector Longoria in the Agua Dulce area located near Horizon. The suspects assault the victim with a bat & fists causing death. The men then took Longoria's body to the desert and buried it. Martinez and the other guys then took Longoria's car and sold it in Mexico.

  • 3

    Ricardo Zuniga

    AKA’s: HERNANDEZ-VARGAS, ARTURO DOB: 10-24-79 HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 160 lbs. PLACE OF BIRTH: Los Angeles, California TATTOOS: CHEST - “Mi Madre Lucia” BACK- “ENANO” Long story short, Zuniga shot two people in a bar and now he's wanted for capital murder. He is believed to remain in the Borderland and shows a previous address in San Elizario, TX. Zuniga has several contacts in Fabens, San Elizario, Socorro & the El Paso areas and obviously knows he is wanted.

  • 4

    Luis Lopez Rojas

    AKA: LUIS LOPEZ DOB: 05-11-1954 HEIGHT: 5’07” WEIGHT: 130 lbs. TATTOO: Rojas has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his back that runs from his neck area all the way down to his lower back. He has a tattoo on either his right or left bicep of a drawing of his wife and the name "Rosa". On his other arm, opposite to the drawing of his wife, he has another tattoo of a saint. Rojas also has a scar of the shape of a heart on his left chest area. Rojas is accused of sexually assaulting his three granddaughters. There's really no other explanation needed. What's worst than a crooked cop? A child molester. Recent information received indicates Rojas has altered his physical appearance by shaving his mustache and he has dyed his hair black. It is also said Rojas is in the San Elizario area.

  • 5

    Mario Payan

    DOB: 09-03-63 HEIGHT: 5'09” WEIGHT: 195 lbs. Oh look, another sleezy child molester. Payan is wanted for sexually assaulting his then stepdaughter back in 2001. Several years ago, Payan began fondling & inappropriately touching his stepdaughter who was 8 years old at the time. He went on to sexually assault her. In recent years, the Victim (who is now 15-will not be identified) came forward to make her outcry. Payan has been spotted as recent as 2 weeks ago. He is said to be driving a brown truck and doing landscaping work in the Northeast part of El Paso. He has contacts in the Westway area located in the Upper Valley as well as in the southern New Mexico area.