Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Got 36 hours to kill in El Paso?  Here's how the legendary New York Times thinks you should spend it!! 

Apparently, the New York Times called on El Chuco recently and found there's plenty to do here.  Of course, we already knew that but it's still pretty cool to see El Chuco get some media love for something besides a bowl game or being attached to the murder capital of the world!

Props to Tricky Falls (I love that place! I was just there for the Not So Silent Christmas benefit.) and The Lowbrow Palace selected as cool places to rock by the NY Times.

They went over Scenic Drive, hit up the Wyler Aerial Tramway and they got their drink on at Hope & Anchor!  (I hope they hit the tramway before the bar. It's a looong climb when you've got a bladder full of Dos Equis.)

Read the whole article to see if any of your favorite hangouts made the list and congrats to those who did!

Words getting out ... El Paso kicks ass!!