The legendary recording studio Sonic Ranch in Tornillo has some amazing artists that go out there and record, including Southern California's The Dirty Heads. Lisa went down there to interview them and got to play a fun little game, called Rapid Fire with them.

Lisa Photo

Duddy B from The Dirty Heads did a normal interview with us but then we got to ask the fun questions. We played a game of what we call "Rapid Fire," which is where we ask a person a series of quick, random questions and they have to answer with the first thing that comes to mind. It works usually pretty well, until you get to the oral sex or cheese question.

Also just for my own personal benefit, I wanted to see how many people really don't know what the heck Baked Alaska is. I know I can't be the only one who didn't know what that was.

Watch the video below and hear Duddy B's crazy answers. Also, you can hear and see Rome from Sublime in this interview as well. Chiming in on his opinion on oral sex or cheese.