Looking for pizza this weekend?  I think I can help!

For Chicago style pizza, try Sparrows Spirits And Pies!  When they refer to their deep dish pizza as a "pie", they're not kidding.  They're a couple of inches thick, check out the picture,  and LOADED with the best stuff.  Plus, all the ingredients are fresh and the dough is hand tossed.  They also offer subs, salads and more, all at very reasonable prices.

While you're waiting, have a drink from their full bar and check out all the cool art they have hanging.  All done by local artists with many pieces for sale! I bought a Marilyn Monroe one yesterday for Yta!  The Kiss and Alice Cooper ones are pretty cool also.

Though the atmosphere of the place is "Chicago", the owners keep it as local as they can.  From using local artists to decorate the restaurant to the new "open mic" feature they're doing on Mondays.  In the future, there may even be more live entertainment there. Check 'em out yourself at 12798 Edgemere, a couple of blocks east of El Dorado High School!

Looking for a healthy pizza?  If you're watching your waistline try The Healthy Pizza Company, located at 3800 N. Mesa.  Awesome pizza, made from scratch sauces and 100% whole wheat flour with healthy toppings like lean turkey pepperoni, white meat chicken, fresh vegetables, make for a great tasting pizza without so many of those evil calories. Try the "Skinny Devil"!

No booze, but they have a variety of soft drinks, plus salads, breadsticks and desserts.


Finally, one for those "on the go"!  If you don't have time for the full on pizza dining experience, try Tosca Stone Oven Pizzeria at 4017 N. Mesa! Their stone oven cooks faster than conventional ovens.  That plus the small and individual sizing options get you in and out quick!  They also offer other oven baked items like Italian Pot Pie and lasagna.  Plus pastas, calzones, sandwiches, salads and kids meals!

If you'd like a beer or some wine with your pizza, they've got you covered there too.


There you go!  The good, the quick and the healthy!