One of the most important skills I think everyone should learn is CPR.  Many people don't want to or feel they don't have time for classes.  BS I say!  I can get you guys "schooled" in a very short amount of time!

Just a little over a minute to be exact ... though you may have to watch this several times!

CPR is a simple technique to learn and it could help you save a life.  Watch the video below a few times and you'll pretty much be all set to properly administer CPR.  (If you've already been trained, watch it anyway.  No one can ever have to many refresher courses.)

See?  That's not so hard to do is it?  (To learn more, schedule a class at El Paso CPR)

I posted this in the interest of ... ummm ... saving lives. Yeah, that's it ... saving lives ...  now you spread the word.

Share this with all your friends. They'll thank you for it!