I've had a couple of opportunities to go and meet custom bike builders ... today, one of my favorites came to me!

I used to watch American Chopper religiously!  The bikes were awesome and I actually learned a thing or two watching them fabricate .. or downright invent .. the different parts.  (As an added bonus, you never knew if any given episode was going to be the one where Paul Sr and Paul Jr finally tore each others heads off! They no  longer work together.)

Vinnie DiMartino ... Paul Jrs best friend and fellow builder/cast member ... has since struck out on his own with DiMartino Motorsports.  He's in El Paso this weekend for the Autorama event downtown in the Convention Center.  (Stop by and meet Vinnie yourself tomorrow from 1-5!!)

He stopped by The Q studios earlier today and hung out awhile with me.  If you missed the interview .. or want to hear it again ... click on the button below!