Somebody dial up the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck” hotline — here’s another one. “If you’ve ever been arrested for drunken driving while competing in a demolition derby … .”

A demolition derby winner in Kentucky is being accused of starting his celebration a little too early.  David Warner Jr. was arrested for DUI just moments after winning last Wednesday's derby at the Jessamine County Fair.  Nicholasville police say witnesses saw Warner enjoying several Bud Lights before getting behind the wheel.  Authorities confronted Warner shortly after his win, at which time he reportedly became uncooperative.  He was arrested for DUI, and released from jail on Thursday.  Following his release, Warner told WKYT-TV that he drank a few beers to "loosen" up, but denied being over the legal limit.  A hearing in his case is set for July 26th.