I found these guys on youtube having a little fun downtown!

We're about to have a TON of fun downtown with the El Paso Downtown Street Festival!!  Tons of bands, all kinds of live music, car and motorcycle shows ... the Batman is even coming!  Well his rides are anyway; you'll have a chance to check out 'The Tumbler' and The 'Bat Pod' up close!

Plus the rock (Saliva, Kansas, Filter, Blue Oyster Cult, Candlebox and Theory Of A Deadman!), the all food and the brew!  There will even be a huge fireworks show ... BOTH nights!!

Get your tix at 7-11 Fina locations in El Paso and/or Pik Kwiks in Las Cruces.

If the 2 guys in the video can have that much fun getting their parkour on downtown; imagine what it's going to be like when we ALL get down there!!