The Devils Carnival comes to El Paso tonight!  Are you ready???

This is going to be SUCH a trip!!  Visit The Devils Carnival tonight on the east side at The El Paso Starplex ... 8300 Gateway East. (Next to Barnett Harley - Davidson) 

Not sure what The Devils Carnival is??  Trust me ... you're going to love it!!  The director Darren Lynn Bousman will be there tonight along with 2 of the actors;  Terrance Zdunich (playing Lucifer) and Hannah Minx!!  (Guys; you're going to love her!!)

It also has Slipknots' Clown in it, Ogre from Skinny Puppy and Ivan from 5 Finger Death Punch as well as a BUNCH of other names you will probably recognize!  More details here.

I interviewed Darren who has also directed REPO The Genetic Opera. Mothers Day and SAW II, III and IV earlier today.  Hear the complete, unedited audio below.

Get your tickets while you still can at the theater or by clicking this link and;  Feel free to dress up!!  

Clown girls, zombies, maniacs in general, whatever you feel like wearing ... think Rocky Horror, but more twisted and more rocking \m/!!   Bring your loud, rowdy, dressed up self to The Devils Carnival tonight!!

Halloween 2012 is coming early!!!!!!!