We've got three amazing contests ending this week and we don't want you to miss out on this. Check out the list below and enter before Wednesday at noon.


  • 1

    $50 Sprouts Gift Card

    If you haven't been to Sprouts, you're missing out. Their new store on the westside is always busy. Check out their fresh produce and organic food sections while you're there spending a free $50!

  • 2

    Win a Summer Getaway

    We want to give you a $100 Southwest gift card to get outta here!

  • 3

    Win Lunch with Ronson

    Think Scott Ronson is your kinda guy? Enter below to win lunch with our roughest, toughest, Jack-Daniel-est DJ. We can’t promise you won’t end up in jail.


    The details:

    You and a friend meet Ronson at Independent Burger for lunch. Rowdiness occurs. Burgers are enjoyed.