Everyone has something weird or different that they love. Here are some things you may not have done before that you should try. Trust me, baby wipes are the way to go.

  • 1

    Using Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper

    Guys, even you will love this. Never been cleaner until you have used a baby wipe.

  • 2

    Mayo and Ketchup on a Hot Dog

    People always get grossed out when I tell them this is my favorite way to eat a hot dog. But it is so delicious! Let's be honest though, you could mayo on almost anything and I'd love it. Mayo makes my world go round.

  • 3

    Sleeping Naked

    Especially during these hot summer months, sleeping nude cools you off better and ladies, it feel wonderful when you just shaved your legs.

  • 4

    Pineapple on your Pizza

    This is my favorite way to eat my pizza! I put tons of veggies and meats on my pizza but you aren't living till you try pineapple on your pizza. The sweet taste makes the pizza so much better.

  • 5

    Salsa and Cream Cheese

    Consider this the next step up from sour cream and salsa. It is delicious, especially good on a quesadilla, bagel, basically the carbs that I love so much.

  • 6

    Popping a squat/Peeing Outdoors

    You don't even have to be drinking to enjoy this. This is about the only way you can get me to become one with nature. By answering the call of nature.

  • 7

    Sitting in the Shower

    Sometimes it just feels good to let the water run over you in the shower. I want to install a seat in my shower so I could do this more comfortable. Also works really well if you're hungover. Although there was a time I fell asleep doing this, only for a moment though. I think.

  • 8

    Let your Serve Pick your Meal

    Always remember, your server works there so they most likely have tried all the food on the menu. Tell them what you like and what you don't like, and let them decide what menu item would be good for you. It is a great way to find a new favorite on the menu without having to worry that you'll hate your food. I always find my new favorite food by doing this.

  • 9

    Go off the Grid

    I have done this before and it is wonderfully liberating to get off your social media for a bit. Bring a little mystery back to your life. Now people won't know where you are every minute of your day and you won't know what they are up to. Remember the days when you saw a friend and got to catch up? Now you can actually catch up with someone and care what they say because you weren't updated every 15 minutes by their Facebook.

  • 10

    Chicken and Waffles

    "A small capsule of tasty smothered in a larger capsule of deliciousness." Why you shouldn't quote something from Lauren Zimmerman when she's drooling about food. Makes no sense and she looks like her face went paralyzed.