During a relaxing family boat outing in Orange County, California the Frickman family's day turned chaotic real quick, all thanks to one 350-pound dolphin.

As the family was enjoying the beautiful view of dolphins swimming alongside their boat, one adventurous dolphin jumped so high out of the water, he ended up hitting the rail and onto the boat. The dolphin knocked over Chrissy Frickman and it landed on her legs. Unfortunately as the dolphin flopped around on her legs, it's force was so powerful it ended up breaking both of her ankles. Her husband, Dirk Frickman was able to pull her out from beneath the dolphin, as the children and Mrs. Frickman went to take shelter from the distraught mammal.

The dolphin also suffered multiple cuts from nose to tail, which caused blood to spill out all over the boat. Mr. Frickman managed to call the harbor police to meet him at the dock, so they could figure out a way to get the dolphin back into the water. The group of men managed to pull the dolphin out of the boat by using a rope to pull it out and release him. They said the dolphin looked fine as it swam away.

Luckily, Mrs. Frickman is recovering comfortably after spending five hours in the emergency room. She ended up having one ankle completely breaking, while the other one has some torn ligaments. Hopefully, no more dolphins will be trying to catch a ride with family as the shark situations is already freaking out people everywhere.