During the summer, you see many signs and reminders telling you to not leave your animals in your hot car. This video shows what happens when an owner leaves their animal in a hot car and what you should do if you find a dog in distress.

buddybear2pieces via Youtube

A dog was left in a parked car in Reno, Nevada. A good Samaritan saw the animal in the vehicle and decided to call animal control so the puppy could be helped. The woman who took the video said the temperature reach almost 100 degrees that day. Animal Control came to check on the dog and saw that the temperature inside of the vehicle was 116 degrees and continued to climb higher. The temperature was almost 120 degrees when they finally got the dog out of the car. Huskies are bred to live in Northern Regions and the Arctic, with a thick double coat to keep them warm. Because of this, being in a vehicle that has already reached 116 degrees is a serious risk to the dog's life.

Animal Control was able to come out and take the temperature inside and outside the vehicle, so they had that on record. The owners of the dog were paged repeatedly at the business and witnesses even went inside to try and find them before they had to open the car. When no one responded, Animal Control had no choice but to break the windows of the vehicle to rescue the dog.

I spoke to the El Paso Police Department, to see what their policies are with dogs being locked inside cars on a hot day. An officer at the Westside Command Center in El Paso told me that it depends on the situation and the officer has to assess it. If there are visual signs of the animal being in distress inside the vehicle, then they will be forced to take action to rescue the animal. The officer also stated that they need to see if the windows are cracked or not. In a previous post, a veterinarian sat in a parked car with the windows cracked to show how hot it got in that vehicle.

The City of El Paso Animal Services notified me that Title seven gives an officer ( P.D. or Animal Services) the  right to enter into a vehicle to retrieve an animal . 7.08.19 , 090 , 010. The woman who took this video also said that if you call 911, they will connect you to Animal Control and they can assist you however, here is the number for the City of El Paso Animal Services in case you ever need them: (915) 842-1000.