If your dog eats your money don't worry, you can get it back!  I don't mean you can get it back "that way" either.  (That step is necessary though.)

This guys dog ate all 5 of his C-notes but Uncle Sam replaced 'em!  Seriously, if you ever have money damaged in any way (accident, fire, mistakenly torn up, whatever) the government may replace it.

Even if your dog eats it!!  (I wish the government would have been there to step in the time my dog really did eat my homework.)

You will have to let the dog "return it" first though. (See, you need the pieces to take to your friendly neighborhood treasury agent!)

All you need is at least 51% of the damaged bill(s) and a reasonable (reasonable??) story of where the rest of it is.  Pretty common occurrence according to an unidentified treasury agent;

"We get an enormous amount of mutilated currency cases each year. As long as you have 51 percent of the bill, our examiners work to make sure that the bill identified is genuine, and then you’ll receive a check in the mail once the case is closed.”

Just thought you should know!