Do you guys fall into little mini-obssessions like I do? I find myself getting addicted to a certain restaurant or kind of food, and I eat it as often as possible until I'm burned out on it. I was on a chicken sandwich kick for a long time, then it was tacos, then burgers, then Chinese, salad, then...well, you get the idea.

I don't know why I go on these streaks of craving a certain food for a while, and then, when I've eaten it several times a week, I'm totally done with it for a while. I know Lauren is obsessed with some places as well, and makes herself sick with them after a while.

Recently, I've been snacking on these damned Graham Crackers in the office. I hadn't had one for years, until about a week ago when I was scavenging for food around the building and came upon them. Now I can't stop eating the stupid things.