I don't care how long you've dreamed of blazing up at the Denver International Airport, don't!!

Colorado recently legalized marijuana and the partys' been raging ever since the law took effect.  (Planning a trip to Colorado to get in on the party?  Read this!)  Don't bring any to the airport though!

Despite it's newly legal status, ganja is still on the TSA list of banned items and you will get popped if they catch you with any.  (Same as with guns.  It may legally be yours, but don't wander through the airport with it. It's all fun and games 'til someone pisses off the TSA!) Proposed penalties for trying to "fly" with the mota, according to yahoo.com, include:

a fine for up to $150 for the first offense. Subsequent offenses may lead to fines of $500 and $999.

So, if you go to Colorado, don't get so high that you forget you're holding when you try to fly home!

As for Texas, no change in the law here. Yet.

NORML of El Paso is working on it though! To learn more about them and their "fight for your right to party" in El Chuco, hit up the meeting they're having tomorrow morning!