The teen-lit adaptation “Divergent” opens next Friday and the Mosho got to talk to star Zoe Kravitz (Xmen: First Class, Lenny Kravitz’ ba**sa**).

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Zoe Kravitz, famous daughter of legendary musician Lenny Kravitz called to talk with Buzz Adams and The KLAQ Morning Show about her new movie Divergent.

The movie is based on the debut novel from author Veronica Roth. Zoe Kravitz explained to the morning show what is the meaning of Divergent.

"basically the film takes place in the future." She said,"you're born into a different faction that is kind of what you dedicate your life to and that’s where your family is."

She said there are different factions,"There are factions dedicated to selfless, peaceful, honest, brave and intelligent."

Zoe Kravitz character is, “Divergent, she has a personality that is all of those things”

Lisa Sanchez says the the books are a mix of the hunger games and maybe the giver.

The movie is scheduled to be released March 21st in theaters and IMAX.

Listen to the interview below.