David Draiman's New band  "Device"  could not do much.

“It’s out there, so I might as well share it ”, thats what David tweeted

On April 9th, 2013, David Draiman unleashes the debut album of his newest project, Device.  The band is compromised of Geno Lenardo, of Filter fame, as well.  The album will feature appearances by M.Shadows, Tom Morello, Serj, Geezer Butler, and more iconic rockers.  The focus of this record, and project, is in the studio, and some enigmatic production.  The first single, and let me first say, it's electric, is called "Vilifiy".

There is a lot of industrial powerhouse, guitar-laced strength represented on "Vilify".  For those expecting just another "Disturbed-sounding" song, well, don't get your hopes too high.

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Device Track List

1. You Think You Know

2. Penance 

3. Vilify

4. Close My Eyes Forever (Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford cover) (feat. Lzzy Hale) 

5. Out Of Line (feat. Serj Tankian, Geezer Butler) 

6. Hunted

7. Opnion (feat. Tom Morello) 

8. War Of Lies

 9. Haze (feat. M. Shadows) 

10. Through It All (feat. Glenn Hughes)