No one should be messing with anyone from Wonderland.

A (bratty) 14 year old girl, Jocelyn Carlos was at Disney from what it seems bothering Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit.

She walked over to the White Rabbit and tugged on his tail (several times). Upset, he walked over to her and grabbed her by her arm and neck and from what the young girl says, he told her:

"Don't you ever do that again or I'm going to call Security and tell your stupid friends to stop doing it too."

Now, I remember when I would go to Disney World with my Dad and brothers and everyone of the characters always had security with them so bratty little kids wouldn't do what this girl did. Apparently times have changed.

Said White Rabbit is also being investigated for supposibly favoring children one race vs. another (if its because they keep tugging on his tail, I don't blame him!).

Considering I'm a HUGE Alice In Wonderland fan, and from what the video shows the young girl provoked the White Rabbit ... I am on the side of the White Rabbit!! I say the girl has gone mad.