Do you really give a sh**??

Today we celebrate the lowly porker with national pig day.  I have no idea why. (Yes ... today, I am that f***ing bored.)  

I guess it's because few creatures are more in need of some esteem building than Sus scrofa domestica.  (That means pig.)  Here are my top 10 favorite pigs and/or favorite big moments in pig - dom.

10 Bacon

9 Miss Piggy. Kermits squeeze … as pigs go; she’s probably the hottest one.

8 Porky. Inspiring those with speech impediments to always give up after 3 or 4 trys for decades!

7 Chicharrones. Around here, they’re one of the basic food groups. (Sharing a special category along with beer!)

6 They can get sunburned. (A fact which brings them just a tad closer to us in the grand scheme of things!)

5 Spider Pig (C’mon now … you know you want a Spider Pig. Everyone does.)

4 Cool Album Covers

3 Cool Beatles Songs

2 Harleys (OK, technically they’re “hawgs” ... work with me here ok??)

1 Bacon!!!!!!!

Really? Seriously?  You read and watched this whole thing??   Wow .......