On Sunday, Kiss FM had the Love Affair And Bridal Expo at the Camino Real Hotel. Our intern Eileen believes she saw some celebrities in the elevator at the hotel. But the real question is, did she?

On her way up to the event in the elevator (because apparently walking to the second floor was too difficult) she ran into three men inside. She began talking with them and they asked why she was dressed so pretty. She explained the station event to them then asked what they were doing there. They said they had just played a sold out show next door the previous night. Eileen then asked if they were Bone Thugs N Harmony to which they said yes. Then came the selfie in the elevator.

The question that we all had about the picture was, how did she actually know that it was them? Has she ever seen a picture of Bone Thugs N Harmony? The men in the picture did not look like the guys I remember from the "Crossroads" video, but then again, that was almost 20 years ago. When questioned about the men, thephoto and whether they were indeed the Bone Thugs, she replied,

"Honestly, I can neither confirm nor deny. I'm just a white girl and unless it's Katy Perry I can't be sure about anything."

So she was not help. We then went to Intern Emily's response on Facebook,

"Is that T-Pain?"

She was also no help. So now we are asking the KLAQ fans, do you think our Intern did meet the Bone Thugs N Harmony in an elevator at the Camino Real Hotel? Was she duped? Was it actually T-Pain and friends in the elevator? Let us know what you think!


Eileen Photo