This is probably one of the best ways to promote a movie. Devil's Due is premiering in theaters this Friday, January 17th,  so why not freak everyone out to go see the movie!

The people behind Devil's Due have created this hilarious promotional stunt to spread the word about their newest movie. The story follows a newlywed couple recording the months leading up to the birth of their unexpected child. As months pass, the husband realizes strange behavior in his wife and that's when the craziness occurs.

Devil's Due is a movie that has people talking and crapping their pants. The trailer to this movie looks pretty creeping and really gets you excited about seeing it on the big screen. Some people might still need convincing so why not do one last promo stunt to get their attention.

I think this is a genius idea and I love creepy things. This video shows a crew putting the demon baby together, showing all the technical stuff and then send it out into the big city. Demon baby is cruising the streets in his stroller, crying out to attract victims and once they look into the stroller, BOOM!

Check out the hilarious reactions this little monster causes. If you don't love this demon baby making people freak out, he will probably win you over once you see him flip off the New York Police Department.