Detroit is now bankrupt and the entire city has fallen into disarray. Broken windows, boarded doors, empty streets and houses that are selling far below their market value. Anyone interested in a cheap, fixer upper check out some houses here!

The first house that I've seen is listed as "sturdy." Right there, I think this must mean that the house is standing and that makes it sturdy enough for the seller. Don't let the windows and doors being boarded up stand in the way of you owning a piece of Detroit! Especially at only $600.00, imagine all the feral cats you could fit in there!

Photo From Ebay User fleamarketfriend

The next house is a 6 bedroom,  2 bath house that was built in 1929 and looks to not have been renovated since. The house is located on a quiet street, mostly quiet because the entire street looks to be deserted except for the house across the street. At least if something were to happen to you, your screams could be heard by your neighbor who is most likely packing some heat.


To find a house for sale in Detroit cheap is pretty easy. Simply log on to Ebay and search "Detroit house." Houses will start popping up, some as low as 1.00! Pretty cool since you can renovate the house, let it sit there or throw a raging party to trash the entire thing. It's your choice with your house. To learn more about the housing situation in Detroit, check out this article.