I've heard some interesting offensive planning before but "rock, paper, scissors"?


Yep, that's how they did it.  While The Denver Broncos were spanking the Oakland Raiders last night, they ran into a problem.  The Broncos have 3 very talented running backs to work with (Ronnie Hillman, Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball) so, naturally, the question of "who gets the ball?" comes up often.

Everyone wants to score, up their stats, help out the people who use them in their fantasy football leagues, etc.  Still, (typically) only one guy gets to run the ball in.  During the game last night, (which The Broncos weren't exactly worried about winning), Hillman ran a pass to the one yard line.  While officials did their officiating duty, the three amigos decided who was going to try for the one yard carry to score.

Moreno went to early, Ball went with paper and Hillman chose scissors to win.

As did The Denver Broncos, 37-21.