Wait ... make that "the sheet ON".

In a beautiful city, in a beautiful stadium, you would think you could watch a decent NFL team in a comfortable and sanitary enviroment. Right?

Enjoying your $9.oo hot dog as you sip your $15 beer from your $250 seat.

(Yes, $250 seat.)

At those prices, the least the stadium staff could do is find a way to keep the pigeon pellets off your head!

Seriously, Denver gets dumped on!  If they can't come up with a pigeon anti diarrheal, maybe they could give the fans last years old helmets or spring for some cool blue and orange umbrellas!  Or perhaps they could distribute horsehead mask/helmet things like their mascot's wearing in the picture!

These fans could be known as "the sheetheads"!!  :)

Oh, come on now ... I'm just kidding.  Anything beats getting pooped on while you're partying though!

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