I've heard deep fried turkey is the shizzle.  I've never tried it though and, after watching these vids, I'm damn sure not going to try making my own.

I'm what you could call accident prone.  I know what I'm doing most of the time and, usually, how to do it.  Something always seems to go wrong though. Generally at the worst time.  (Which is almost always that point where I think I've successfully done whatever it was I set out to do.)  I'm not exaggerating, ask any of my friends.  They'll tell you.  Have them start with the "why Glenn is no longer allowed to handle tools" story. That's their favorite.

Anyway, were I to try and deep fry a turkey myself, I'm pretty sure one and/or all of these situations would result.  Enjoy the videos and if you are deep frying your turkey this year, for the love of God be careful!!  (Film it too ... just in case.)

And save me some.  Remember, I've never tried it!