Maybe there should be a second rule of fight club- no kids allowed?

Two daycare workers in New Jersey were arrested for starting a fight club in the daycare for the children. The two women, Erika Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, encouraged children as young as four years-old to shove and hit each other. They were employed by the Lightbridge Academy in Cranford, New Jersey. Erika Kenny would then record the fights on her phone and send them to friends on Snapchat. The women have now been charged with fourth-degree child abuse. Erika Kenny also has another charge of third-degree endangering a welfare of a child. In the video shared on Snapchat, viewers could hear Kenny's voice urging the children on and quoting the book and Brad Pitt movie "Fight Club."

According to CBS New York, the Snapchat video was sent on Aug. 13 and was discovered by police after someone recorded it. There are about a dozen children, both boys and girl from 4 to 6 years old, shoving each other to the ground and hitting each other.  The case is still being investigated by the authorities, but they believe no children were injured in the fight. Both the women have been fired from the daycare center.