Well, this is awkward. Last week, local boxer David Rodriguez got his boxing shorts in a wad after he heard Steve Kaplowitz of 600 ESPN El Paso bad-mouth him. Problem is, Steve didn’t. In fact, Steve is a long-time supporter of Rodriguez. So what happened? A glorious misunderstanding that left many fans thinking, “What the hell, man?"

In case you missed Buzz’ post on the Facebook-war between Kaplowitz and Rodriguez, read it here.

Here’s how it went down. First, David posts this:

So Steve responds:

Then, Steve invites David to Cabo Joe’s where they can handle this situation in person, man-to-man.

Pretty odd so far, right?

Not only did David show up to Cabo Joe’s, we have the whole thing on tape. Want to read and hear the rest of the story as documented by our sister station, Team 600? Read the ENTIRE story of the Cabo Joe’s visit by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed.