A Cincinnati girl has lost a piece of her jaw, possibly her eye and her tongue, after being attack by two pit bulls. As of Friday, 6-year-old Zainabou Drame is still in a battle for her life.

Local 12 spoke to Zainabou's 9-year-old brother Moustapha, who was playing with her outside the house, when she was attacked.

"One of them was chewing on her and one of them was looking out, that was gonna try and get her.  So I tried to get her and the dog started growling at me" said Moustapha.

Moustapha ran home to notify his mother about the dogs, she grabbed a bat and went to attack the dogs. The family's tiny dog, Cappy, even went out to help his owners.

Once the family tried to get the dogs away from Zainabou, other dogs from the neighborhood joined the attempted rescue, "I told my dog to come out and my dog started chewing on the dog attacking Zaina and then my friend's dogs and some other dogs came out and started chewing on the dog that was attacking Zaina," Moustapha said.

Zainabou's grandfather wants to thank the police officers who arrived on the scene to help, "I thank the police officers. All of them who came, all of them did what they did, bless them and their families. I know it's a shock to them, they saw it, they human, they couldn't believe it neither." The pitbulls were shot and killed, once officers arrived on scene.

The officers are on leave after the traumatic situation. The video below shows the shocking dash cam video of the attack. Let me warn you, this video might be too disturbing for some people.

The family of Zainabou say the road to recovery will be a long one but they are not bitter towards the dog breed.