When it comes to sneaking alcohol into places, El Pasoans can get pretty creative!

Flasks in boots, refilling soft drink containers, cans in inner pockets ... even in socks!  (Freezes the crap out of your ankles ... don't do it if you're going to be standing in line a long time. Trust me.)

Finally, some help ... Enter the Freedom Flask!!

A thin bladder or "fanny pack"  (make that fanny 6 pack!! Haaa!) full of booze!  Creative, yes.  Practical ... well, lets' say the jurys still out on that.  (Translation; the mailman hasn't brought mine yet...)  Read more from discovery.com.

Fun for kids too!!  Just fill it with apple juice and watch the hilarity unfold!!

I'm not sure about this for sneaking into UTEP games or church functions; but it could work well on the next long bike trip!!

What do you think?  Where in El Paso/Las Cruces would you use one of these???

Let me know and, the next time some guy at Chicos starts peeing in a cup; don't freak!  Ask him to freshen up your coke and, don't forget to shake!!