A handful of Twitter Libel or Twibel cases have been filed but seems like Courtney Love is the un-lucky first to be taken to trial. 

In 2010, Courtney Love tweeted a little something about her then-lawyer, Rhonda Holmes. The tweet suggested that Holmes was 'bought off' when she would not help Love in a legal matter with the manager of Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain's estate.

This is the first time that a case of alleged libel on twitter is going on trial. This twitter lawsuit is monumental because the judge has now determined that tweeting in California can give rise to liability under the theory of 'defamation'. (I guess now you really can't use both twitter and facebook to vent. Well, at least we still have those memes!!)


Courtney Love, stated on Wednesday that said tweet was just an opinion and thought that she was only tweeting to two people, not everyone. Also said that the internet if full of hyperbole and exaggeration. Holmes said that Love's statement was a damaging one. Who knows, maybe this case could re-write the rules on twitter wars!!

So what's the moral of the story?

Well, considering everyone is on Facebook and Twitter all the time, guess we can say not to post messages when you are overly emotional or under some serious alcoholic or medication influence. Worst case scenario, make up your own meme.