Courtney Love has no problem expressing her anger whether it's toward the Muppet Movie or her own daughter.

This isn't the first time lead Foo Fighter Dave Grohl has felt the wrath of Kurt Cobain's widow but the latest accusation is a little creepier than the typical "you don't deserve all that Nirvana money" rant.

Courtney recently went on a Twitter tirade accusing Dave of trying to seduce 19 year old Francis Bean.

--According to Gawker, Courtney made the accusation on her private Twitter account, @CBabyMichelle.  It's locked from the public, but they have a screen grab of what she allegedly Tweeted.  Here are the Tweets:



"I hear [Dave] hit on Frances, and that she was curious.  I'm not mad at her . . . [but] him I am about to shoot, dead.  If Frances slept with Dave . . . it's Dave that I'm going to kill.

(Buzz's Comment: I wouldn't take threats of gun play lightly when coming from Courtney Love. Of all the conspiracy theories ever put forth I rate the "Courney killed Kurt/had Kurt killed" one much more credible than JFK and Hanger 18 aliens)

"If Bean did have sex with Dave, which I've now heard [from] reliable sources and a driver . . . it's fine on her part, he's insane.  It was a flirtation, I heard from the driver that drove them . . . he had his hands all over her.


"The driver confirmed that they were dropped off at his home alone . . . nothing cuts through the [crap] like a gross old man macking on KURT COBAIN'S only child.

(Buzz: unless it's a crazy Mom whose kid won't have anything to do with her making wild speculations about her 19 year old's sex life on Twitter.)

"He's obsessed . . . sexually obsessed with Kurt not me."

(BUZZ-Soooo...Dave Grohl wants to diddle Kurt's daughter so he can vicariously diddle his deceased band mate? Yeah. I can't see why anyone questions Courtney Love's sanity. At all.)

--Not surprisingly, Dave DENIES this.  He released this statement, quote, "Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant.  These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue."

Here is the screen grab of the Tweets in question from