This years Celebrity Apprentice was the cream of the crop. Some floated and allot sank like a rock.After a season filled with broken rules, meltdowns, and record-breaking fundraising, it came down to a few words from Donald Trump on Sunday's finale.
In the leadup to his hiring, Rich faced off with Marlee Matlin.  The contenders created retro-inspired campaigns for 7-Up.  Rich chose the 1980s for his branding in a challenge that culminated with a Def Leppard concert.  Matlin embraced the 1970s, creating a commercial starring the soda's former pitchman Geoffrey Holder.  The deaf actress also hosted a presentation with an appearance from the Harlem Globetrotters.
With their performance almost too close to call, Trump cited Rich's fundraising.  Although bringing in money wasn't a requirement of his final challenge, the 37-year-old singer pulled in an additional 275-thousand dollars for his charity, St. Jude Children's Hospital.  He was later able to add that sum to the 250-thousand dollar prize for winning the season.  That, in turn, brought John's season total fundraising to over one-million-261-thousand dollars.
As with other "Celebrity Apprentice" finales, those previously fired showed up one last time -- in some cases to settle old scores.  In a dramatic moment on Sunday, TV personality Star Jones attacked reality TV star NeNe Leakes for her conduct on the show.  It was a passing moment of tension on what seemed to be a "feel good" conclusion to the season, which brought in more money for charity than any previous season of hit NBC series.