Believe it or not, there is a place in America where wireless not only doesn't exist, it's illegal!

Welcome to Green Bank West Virginia.  The "Gilligans Island" of America. No cell phones, no wireless internet, no radio, no Bluetooth. No electronic transmitters at all. Nothing.  (You can't even use a freakin' electric blanket!)  A cop actually roams around looking for illegal signals.

The reason is that Green bank lies within the National Radio Quiet Zone.  Why so quiet?  Because of the Green Bank Telescope.  It's the largest steerable radio telescope in the world and scientists need it to "listen" to the universe.  (It allows our nations brainiacs to listen to radio waves that have been cruising the cosmos for light years and helps them to understand the universe ... and where it all came from ... better.)  The least little earthly signal could disrupt everything.

If you find yourself there and just can't stand it, don't worry.  There is a pay phone in town you can use to call someone to come get you.

(Make sure you bring quarters!!)

To be honest, living there would drive me nuts.  How about you??